Welcome to the Wylye Parish Council page.  Please scroll this page or click the buttons above to find out who your local councillors are and to access the minutes of recent meetings and other PC documentation.

The Parish Council meet on a bi-monthly basis, usually at 7pm in the Village Hall. 

See noticeboard by shop for Date of Next Meeting.

The Agenda for, and Minutes of, each meeting are posted on the board by the Village Shop.  Members of the public are invited to attend each meeting, where villagers can ask questions of the Council.  Anything to be included in the Agenda must be given to the Parish Clerk, Laura Sealey, at least 14 days prior to the next meeting.

Future meetings (at 7pm in the Hall, unless otherwise stated):



5 May - AGM at 6pmfollowed by regular meeting at 7pm

Parish Councillors

Mark Shuldham - Chairman (Planning and Parish Steward)

Lucy Cassels (Highways)

Andrew Clarke (Data Protection)

Piers Williams (Sewage)

Caroline Lewis (Parish Steward and Planning)

James Hussey (Footpaths)

Kathryn Heppinstall (Litter)


Wylye Parish Council Minutes


Annual General Meeting Minutes

Budget 2021/22


Certificate of Exemption


Notice of Public Rights


Parish Council Accounts

End of Year Accounts - 2021/22

Due May 2022

End of Year Accounts - 2020/21

End of Year Accounts - 2018/19

End of Year Accounts - 2019/20

End of Year Accounts - 2016/17and 2017/18

Press Notices