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The Wylye 100 Club is a locally organised lottery, set up to support both the Wyvern Hall and St Mary’s Church in the village of Wylye, with proceeds from the draw being divided equally between the Hall and Church.


Participants pay an annual subscription to the Wylye100 club of £15 per annum. All members are then entered into 5 draws each year, which normally take place during a social event in the village. The total prize money each year is £650, with 5 prizes in each draw of £50, £30, £20, £15 & £15.


The 100 Club is a great way of supporting your local village, with the added incentive of winning some prize money. Way better than the National Lottery!! Members can have multiple subscriptions, including other family members and friends. You can subscribe at any point in the year, and it could be a great gift for a friend or grandchild.


If you would like to get involved please use the contact box below or contact

Richard Newell on 01985 248951 or CLICK HERE to send him an email. 

100 Club Winners

APRIL 2020

1st Prize £50.00  Peter Salter
2nd Prize £30.00  Ann Haviland
3rd Prize £20.00   Bridget Taylor
4th Prize £15.00  Michael Dobbs
5th Prize £15.00  Tom Cox