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1st Prize £50.00  Nina Goldsack
2nd Prize £30.00  Lady Napier
3rd Prize £20.00  Naomi Grecian
4th Prize £15.00  Sandie James
5th Prize £15.00  Alexandra Hawkins

The 100 Club is a locally organised lottery, the proceeds of which are divided equally between the Hall and Church - and we’d love more players, please. You will be entered into 5 draws for your yearly subscription of £15 and, at some point, you will (ok, you COULD…) win one of the 5 prizes available in each draw of £50, £30, £20, £15 and £15.


You can have multiple subscriptions (for eg, I have subscriptions for all 5 in my family - though keep all winnings for myself!). You can subscribe at any point in the year - and right now would be the optimum time!


If you would like to subscribe (you would…), please set up a Standing Order for £15 a year with your bank online using the following details (I promise they are for the Hall, not someone's holiday fund!). You’ll need to choose a Reference and make sure you email your name and that Reference to so I can forward it to our spiffing Treasurer who keeps us on the financial straight and narrow. (If you would rather set up via a piece of paper to hand to your bank please let me know and I shall make it happen.)


Bank Details are: 


Wyvern Hall

Acct No:  53475948

Sort Code:  20-75-01

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