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MARCH 2024

1st Prize £50 - Dave Goodall

2nd Prize £30 - Pam Newell
3rd Prize £20 - Sandy James
4th Prize £15 - Alice Clarke
5th Prize £15 - Sally Imeson

100 Club winners

The 100 Club is a locally organised lottery, the proceeds of which are divided equally between the Hall and Church - and we’d love more players, please. You will be entered into 5 draws for your yearly subscription of £15 and you could win one of the 5 prizes available in each draw of £50, £30, £20, £15 and £15.


You can have multiple subscriptions and can subscribe at any point in the year - right now would be the optimum time!  If you would like to subscribe, please set up a Standing Order for £15 a year with your bank online using the following details. You’ll need to choose a Reference and make sure you email your name and that Reference to so details can be given to the Hall Treasurer who keeps us on the financial straight and narrow. 


Bank Details are: 


Wyvern Hall

Acct No:  53475948

Sort Code:  20-75-01

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